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California Prop 65 Testing

Is Your Testing Up-To-Date for the Products you sell in California?

Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act (Proposition 65), amended in early 2014, may have more of an impact on certain industries than others.

Enalytic Labs is structured to support our clients in identifying any chemicals that might be listed as part of the Proposition 65 regulations. Our approach minimizes the number of tests that need to be conducted on your products.

Our Two-Step Approach:

1. Review your Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Certificate of Analysis for the raw materials and finished products that you have in your facility.
2. Analyze selected analytes from our list of over 650 tests:

  • Organic Volatiles by GCMS (Solvents and light organic compounds)

  • Organic Semivolatiles by GCMS (Pesticides, PCBs and heavier molecular weight compounds)

  • Water Soluble Organic Compounds by HPLC

  • Metals and Metalloids by ICPOES/MS

  • Asbestos

  • Anions by IC and Spectrophotometry

  • Microscopy for Fiber Analysis

  • Microbiological Active Substances


We have an economical package we offer for our standard test procedures that includes 75% of all chemicals listed, which is inclusive of all EPA regulated analytes.

It is our standard to ensure the integrity of the data while providing valid results of known and documented quality to our clients that meets their requirements.


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