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Field Services
Tired of all the Planning That Goes Into Your Sampling Events?
Let us do it for you!

Enalytic’s Field Services Division has over 40 years of experience. Our Field technicians can customize a sampling plan to suit your needs. Our Field Services Division maintains the sampling instrumentation and equipment which provides the experienced field technicians the means to complete your sampling.

Our field technicians follow field-oriented Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) which abide by the EPA regulations to ensure that your samples are taken in the correct manner. Additionally, our field technicians take detailed notes and documented pictures while in the field to supplement our reports and provide you with the assurance that our methods of sampling are accurate.

Enalytic provides a unique service where we can conduct the sampling and deliver the samples to any NYS certified environmental lab to complete the analytical portion of your project. We can also manage the entire project from start to finish and write the report.

Our experience of over 40 years with a former NELAP certified laboratory, one of the largest in New York State, assures that there are very few sites that present an issue sampling wise

We have Drilling and Engineering consultants, should you require a bundled service.

Call us at 315-437-0255 or email us at

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