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Guardian Quality Control Program
How do YOU Show the Quality of Your DEF?

Third-Party Diesel Exhaust Program for Non-Manufacturers and Producers

Analysis According to ISO 22241-2

Third-party testing is essential to obtain validation for your DEF products.

Enalytic Labs’ unique Guardian Quality Control Program is designed specifically for the retailers, producers, and end users of diesel exhaust fluid. This Program is engineered to ensure that all DEF products, produced in-house or otherwise, are up to the standard of ISO 22241-2 specifications. Enalytic’s Guardian Quality Control Program checks for all parameters required to meet API certification for DEF.

Available Programs

PLATINUM (Monthly DEF Check)

GOLD (Quarterly DEF Check)

Monthly DI Water Check

Quarterly DI Water Check

What is Included?

  • A full ISO 22241-2 tailor-made report for Diesel Exhaust Fluid

  • A full ISO 22241-2 tailor-made report for DI Water systems (metals and phosphate)

  • A yearly Purity Certificate for programs that pass 100% for the entire year

  • Access to our Urea vendors and our contract manufacturers

  • Access to our Technical emails and updates.


End Users, should your analysis come back with any failures, you can use our data in order to be paid restitution from your DEF supplier, proving the product does not meet the required API standards.

We will work with you to add labels to your products you sell showing ISO 17025 compliance. A very popular addition to your products at no additional costs.

With their permission, see how one of our clients utilized our Program!


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