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Diesel Exhaust Fluid Analysis
Does Your Current Lab Meet Your ISO 22241-2 Expectations?

Enalytic’s DEF Analysis Division offers the most competitive prices for the ISO 22241-2 complete line of testing as well as the following advantages:

  1. Testing for Prill, 32.5% and any other concentration, including individual tests.

  2. Detection Limits for your metal analysis are 10X lower with us than the regulations, which allows you to better track your water purity. This trending will optimize the usage of your DI chemicals and save on changing your beds too early.

  3. Customized Certificate of Analysis that your sales team can show to prospective clients.

  4. Immediate notification of overages. Save time in making key decisions on DEF production. Depending on the test, you could receive notification the same day we receive your samples.

  5. Monthly reminders for sample submissions.

  6. Annual Quality Certificate Of Purity issued to routine submittals that have 100% compliance with ISO 22241-2. (Click here to learn more about our Quality Control Program.)

  7. DEF FAQ sheet that answers many commonly asked questions.

  8. Periodic Technical DEF information emails are sent to our clients. This includes new insights into DEF testing and trending information from around the community.

Check out our sample submission checklist!


Let our experience of over 40 years assist you in optimizing your testing needs.

Call us at 315-437-0255 or email us at

Download our Chain of Custody 

Download our Spanish Translated Chain of Custody 

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