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Inks & Toners

Looking for a Reliable Lab for Your Quality Control?

Enalytic can provide you with accurate data for third-party testing, quality control, or problem-solving. We can test raw materials as well as the finished product. You can expect reliable turnaround times and quality customer service.

With our wide assortment of instrumentation, we can offer a variety of analysis to be performed on inks for whatever suits your needs.

Put your product to the test.

Some examples of different analysis we perform on inks are:

  • Formaldehyde Content

  • Flash Point

  • Cyanide Content

  • % Ash

  • ICP Metals Scan (Heavy Metals like Lead and others)

  • Analysis of Organic Contaminants.

Allow us to be your third-party testing lab and receive quality service.


Call us at 315-437-0255 or email us at

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