Who We Are

Enalytic, LLC is a product testing Laboratory dedicated to solving the modern day problems of complex sample analysis through the use of state-of-the-art instrumentation combined with traditional disciplines. The Technical Director and his staff have over 40 years of combined technical expertise, quality control and customer service experience. Our chemists are trained to devise specialized testing to tailor to your needs and your clients' needs to ensure your product is top quality.


What We Do

Our primary focus is product testing and formulation; however, we do offer field services and sampling which includes a courier service of the samples to an environmental lab for analysis.

Enalytic has experience in developing methods where a method does not exist or a method has not been validated. We can take tough matrices and determine an accurate method to extract the components of interest. If there is a necessity for product testing of manufactured or raw materials purchased or you need reverse engineering of a complex mixture, the chemists at Enalytic will determine if they can find you a solution. Enalytic has a network of some of the most diverse contract laboratories to assist us, if necessary, to solve your problems.

Call us at 315-437-0255 or email us at support@enalytic.com.