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Sunscreen and Hand Sanitizer

Want Protection from the Sun and Liability Protection for Your Product?

Third-Party QC Validation Of Your Major Ingredients

Popular request analyses include but are not limited to:

   - Zinc and Titanium Oxide

   - Homosalate

   - Octisalate

   - Oxybenzone

   - Octocrylene

   - Avobenzone

   - DBNPA

   - Isothiazoline(s).

Third-Party Impurity Analysis

Metals, Organics, Anions, Cations, Specialized and Routine Tests.

Give your Products the quality edge that third-party chemical analysis can provide.

Analysis By:

   - HPLC

   - GCMS

   - GC

   - FTIR

   - Titration

   - ICP-OES

   - ICP-MS

Tailor-Made Certificate of Analysis (Improve your Branding)

Rapid Turnaround Time

Technical Support 360


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